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La Mairie de Saint Aubin de Médoc





The town of Saint-Aubin de Médoc is located 16.5 km from Bordeaux, 20 minutes from the airport of Mérignac, 40 minutes from the railway station and 40 km from the Ocean. Its privileged environment is perfect for walking and cycling. The « Village Nature » has in fact 2700 hectares of forest over a total area of 3500 hectares.

Its strong growth is due to the expansion of the region of Bordeaux. Saint-Aubin de Médoc has been an integral part of the north-west sector of the Urban Community of Bordeaux since its creation in 1968 the first of January.

Although its population soared these last couple of years and has now beyond 6000 inhabitants, this small town still has that charm typical of the countryside.

Many paths for cycling from the center of the town allow its inhabitants to move and discover the community’s facilities such as the 50 acres of « la plaine des sports » where a magnificent fitness trail of 10 hectares is available to its inhabitants.

A path starting from the stadium through the fitness trail leads hikers to the center town, where the church of Saint-Aubin de Médoc is situated. It dates back from the Xll century during the time of Eleanor of Aquitaine. The town’s oldest part is a small oratory situated on the left of the choir.

Therefore, the town of Saint-Aubin de Médoc managed to maintain its local identity while preparing for the future with the opening of the new school group Jean de Ia Fontaine in September 2009. It was built according to the standards of the High Quality Environmental.