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La Mairie de Saint Aubin de Médoc


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History and heritage


Saint Aubin (468-549) was a man of prayer, penance and humility.He was a monk in his native Brittany, he was elected abbot of the monastery he reformed.

He was appointed as bishop of Angers against his will and gave the order in his diocese with the same energy. He died with a great reputation for holiness. Our parish was put under his protection around the eighth century. Since then we always celebrate him on March l.

Before the Revolution, St. Aubin was a vast land of pastoral vocation, dotted with clumps of trees. The vineyards were exploited by the lord of the Chateau Lassalle which became Villepreux, by serfs questaux of the domain of Cujac, the property of the Chapter of Saint Andre of Bordeaux, by the nuns of Hautegrave Castle, which were followed by ship-owners of Bordeaux, and by private owners of the domain Caillavet Latour on the Lacanau road.

After the revolution, the town took possession of 3,000 hectares of land abandoned by M.Villepreux who had emigrated. Then the state forced the city council to sell the land to people in bundles to grow in crops and forests which sparked lust and protests. Most of them had to become farmers and foresters although they were quite well off as pastors.

After WWII, there were just over 500 inhabitants, most of them were workers at the gunpowder factory in Saint-Médard en Jalles and the others were farmers.